Wednesday 23 September 2015

Marine Le Pen in the firing line - How dare she compare Islam with the Nazis!

So clearly the time has come in the grand scheme of things to rid French politics of the principal purveyor of views contrary to "the grand scheme". 

Le Pen is to be charged with “inciting discrimination over people’s religious beliefs”. She is reported to have said: “I’m sorry, but for those who really like to talk about World War II, if we’re talking about an occupation, we could talk about the [street prayers], because that is clearly an occupation of territory. It is an occupation of sections of the territory, of neighborhoods in which religious law applies – it is an occupation. There are no tanks, there are no soldiers, but it is an occupation nevertheless, and it weighs on people.” So a whole meme is being developed by the "liberal" media around "How dare you compare Islam with the Nazis!"

Let us first understand that Islam and truth do not get on well together. It shows particularly in the Islamic definition of Slander, which bears little comparison to the English usage of the same word.

One of the most widely respected manuals of Islamic jurisprudence is Reliance of the Traveller, or ‘Umdat al-Salik, by Ahmad ibn Naqib Al-Misri. It represents the Shafiite school — one of the four major schools of Sharia (Islamic law) — and was written in the 14th century. Here’s some of what al-Misri has to say about slander (quoting from the al-Azhar University approved official English translation by Nuh Ha Mim Keller):

r2.2 Slander (ghiba) means to mention anything concerning a person that he would dislike…

So “slander” does not have to be untrue, or damaging, or financially harmful. It simply has to be disliked by the person being talked about. In other words, it merely offends the person it refers to.

But… what if the “slander” simply states the truth? What if the offended person is exactly as described?

(2) “Do you know what slander is?” They answered, “Allah and His messenger know best.” He said, “It is to mention of your brother that which he would dislike.” Someone asked, “what if he is as I say?” And he replied, “If he is as you say, you have slandered him, and if not, you have calumniated him.” [From a hadith, with emphasis added]

So if Abdul doesn’t like what you say, but it’s true, then it’s still slander. If it’s false, then it’s calumny. In either case, you have violated Islamic law and therefore will not enter Paradise. In other words: the truth is no defense.

If one follows the practice of Islamic law in many countries, then the accusation is proof of guilt and any finding of innocence by a court is liable to be reversed by a baying mob outside. This is becoming particularly true in countries where Muslims think they ought to be in charge, but aren't (yet).

HOWEVER for the sake of recording the links between The National Socialist German Workers Party and Islam, I searched for a few pictures on the internet, and append them below. Because I am somewhat lazy, I haven't provided attribution, but if you want to, search for the file name as I have only changed where the names were duplicated but the pictures weren't. That will probably show which site they came from. An engine such as Tin Eye may help. I have only borrowed them to broaden the original authors exposure, and make no claims as to ownership of copyright or intellectual property.

These pictures are mostly from the wartime association between Hitler, Himmler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Note the SS fighters wearing a uniform Fez. Their battalions were raised in Bosnia. Other reports indicate that they were pretty good at killing Jews, but infuriated other SS Battalions by the amount of time they spent praying to their Allah. Also below are photos showing some relevant banners from more recent demonstrations of Islamic purity of thought.









Note that the Mufti is using his right hand in the handshake, so the Nazi official must be "one of us".

Observant Muslims usually offer their left hand when greeting the Kuffar, the hand that they use for cleaning themselves after visiting the toilet.








 .   .



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Sunday 13 September 2015

Over the last few days ...

A quick list of notable items from The Register over the last few days.

Can someone tell me please, just why is the UN (and all its subsidiary agencies like the EU and most national governments) so keen to get everybody "on-line"? Could it be to do with global surveillance?

Yankee Plod shows yet again that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing:

Just as in English local government, mergers between the country's police forces will be achieved through mergers of their administrative support. This is the IT bit. (For the record, 43 is the current number of police forces, 9 is the number of arbitrary EU "regions" set up, 4 is a number plucked from thin air).

Manchester fuzz 'truly sorry' for 'accidentally' hacking phone of whistleblower cop's girlfriend. It took a jury just 20 minutes to clear Buttress of fraud earlier this year, after what he termed a "malicious" three-year investigation. At the time, the Manchester Evening News reported that Buttress "claimed he was targeted after writing a 13-page grievance report alleging corruption, cronyism and bullying among some top officers."

After four years of talks, the EU and the US have finally reached a “gentleman’s agreement” on data sharing for law enforcement. What could possibly go wrong?

The next phase in the argument - should every domain name holder's name, home address and phone number be displayed on the internet for everyone to see? OK if it is a big company with offices and staff and lawyers. But what about people who run their own servers?

More evidence that the police want nobody to run Tor exit nodes but themselves!

PM hints at legislation stick to force blue-light services to share IT. But with the ambulance service shortly to have real-time access to my NHS GP's medical records, should I be worried about Plod getting hold of them as well? I expect they will be 'truly sorry' for any 'accidental' access (see story above from Manchester for the cause of the sarcasm).

Microsoft is making good use of the licence conditions it imposed on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users, by making them download Windows 10 install files, whether they want it or not!

And finally did I mention that the Master Key details of the US NSA's 'Approved' Travel Sentry locks have all become available to anyone with a 3D printer?

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Sunday 06 September 2015

Reminder: Hell, meet Hand-basket.

This post is just a reminder, for my own benefit, of why it makes no sense to blog about current affairs any more unless it is one's full time occupation. This post has just taken three hours to assemble. Either our rulers in Europe are utter incompetents, or they are complicit in some scheme that cannot come to fruition until the existing nations are destroyed and turned into a Hell Hole.

Could that scheme be the One World Government of the United Nations that the Hard Left so desires and Christians will recognise to be just another step along the prophesied way? The politicians won't care to ask too many questions so long as they get their kick backs! Have you seen how wealthy the Blairs have become since he left office? Obscene!

Why is this a shock? We liked our country as it was! And actually they mean Britons. The government wants to keep us in.

Britain wants to quit Europe: Shock new poll shows EU 'no' camp ahead

Shock Poll: Half of All Britons Want to Quit the EU

What is going on in Zimbabwe that Mugabe wants to keep secret?

Another cub of Cecil the lion is feared dead

Just one of many reports showing that British Journalists do not pay any attention when regurgitating their script

Did they not know about the many previous examples of Pallywood scripting events and feeding lies to the media?

... latest in line of powerful photos that have changed history

Thank goodness that someone is awake:

Story told by father of drowned toddler Aylan Kurdi is full of holes

Get ready, Christians are next

Radical Green Activists Could be Classed as Extremists Under New Government Guidelines

Reminder from about 7 months ago:

Feb 2015: Isis threatens to flood Europe with half a million Libyan migrants

Feb 2015: Islamic State (ISIS) threatens to flood Europe with 500,000 Muslim invaders

OK, so they are delivering on their threats?

‘Uncountable Millions’ Of Migrants Heading To Europe Warns Hungary PM

It can't go wrong can it?

Norwegian Migrant Confirmed As Kenyan Mall Terrorist

“Just wait”: Islamic State says it has smuggled 1000s of jihadis into Europe

The New Face Of EU Immigration Is Young, Fit And Overwhelmingly Male "Military Age?" wonders Yokel.

VIDEO: Muslim Protesters Clash With Rotherham Police

‘Isolate Jailed Muslims To Prevent Radicalisation’ Says Think Tank

PETER HITCHENS: We won't save refugees by destroying our own country

But here are what the "useful idiots" want to happen:

Borrow my spare home: Finland's millionaire Prime Minister offers his second home to migrants

Yokel hopes that he will like how they leave it in gratitude for the hospitality!

Pope Francis Calls On Every European Parish To Host One Migrant Family Each . What does he propose to do with the remainder of the invasion?

And finally, we must remember not to let a good crisis go to waste The EU tries to get a further tightening of the imperial screw "in the common good" don't you know!

EU Wants To Control All Deportation With New EU-wide Border Force

The people who are awake to what is going on will already know most of that. Those who are asleep will refuse to be awakened. They appear to want their time in the Hell that is fast approaching.

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Thursday 06 February 2014

Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was an English Yokel who believed that adding his thoughts to the general discourse might be good for debate and might help influence those who exercise power over us. And he tried it for some six years. But then he realised that the powers that be have their own agenda, and aren't interested in those they exercise power over. Not in the least are they interested. Just in the power.

You are right, dear reader, things are going badly wrong in the UK and in the wider world. But there's nowt that you or I can do about it (unless of course you are reading this in work time as an employee of GCHQ, US NSA, MI5 or other government enforcement agencies, in which case you know as well as I that you really should be blowing a whistle right now!)

Thanks for popping by, but I doubt there will be much for you to read in the near future. The important stuff is already written; try Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, the Gospels, and Revelation for starters.

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